Issues when adding infraspecific ID to an obs. previously IDed to genus level

When someone adds an infraspecific ID (such as Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis), there must be two or more IDs at that level for it to become research grade as an infraspecific. Which makes sense. Also, when there is a species level ID already on the obs, the infraspecific ID functions effectively like an agreement, making the obs research grade at species level, but without moving the obs to needs-ID or Research grade at the infraspecific level. But this breaks down when an ifraspecific ID is added to an obs that was only IDed to genus. The infraspecific ID is basically ignored, leaving the obs at genus level even though there is a species level ID given. For example:

No one has agreed to the species. There is no agreement except at genus level.


Yes, but since the species level ID is more specific, shouldn’t the community id change to be needs-id C. bulbosa? If I were to add the id C. bulbosa (as opposed to C. bulbosa var. occidentalis) I believe that the overall ID (displayed at the top of the page) would change. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m still rather new to inat so I may have just missed something…)

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If you click on “What’s this” next to Community ID on the observation, it explains how Community ID was derived. (Be sure to scroll down.)

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I didn’t see that thread, thanks for posting it here.