Journalist Seeking Ontario Users for Interview

Hi there!

My name is Ziya and I’m a journalist (and iNaturalist user!) writing a story for The Narwhal about citizen science and the use of apps like iNaturalist. I’m looking to talk to a frequent user who lives in Ontario about why they like the app, how they use it, the types of wildlife/plants they’ve discovered, etc. Might one of you be interested in talking? Please do send me a message! Thanks so much for your time and I hope everyone is getting to do some exploring as the beautiful spring weather hits!


Welcome to the forum! I’ve no idea how many folks from Ontario are on the forum, but you could also try looking through the most active observers in Ontario on iNat itself:
or identifiers:


There are a large number of Ontario folks who have collected and identified Noctuid moths. I have no idea if they would be willing to take part or not.

Yes, I’m from Ontario, be happy to answer a few questions!

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I am interested in answering questions too. I am always searching for new critters (especially herps) and helping out with projects throughout Ontario!

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I live in New Zealand so I won’t be any good but welcome to the forum @turtlehelper and @Zjones

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I’d be more than happy to provide commentary!

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