Just for fun how many people are on the forums while they wait for the update to finish?

I’m just curious to see if anyone’s coming over here since iNat proper will be (maybe is for you by the time you’re reading this) down.


Hopefully only 3 hours and 57 minutes to go ;-)



I was in the middle of IDing a damselfly when I noticed the species drop-down wasn’t working, couldn’t save the ID, looked at the clock, and…oh. Should’ve been 3 minutes faster, I guess :woman_shrugging:

So came over to the forum because I remembered seeing some interesting stuff that I was waiting to read until iNat downtime


So what do we do now that our lord and saviour iNat is very temporarily unavailable…keep forgetting it is offline and try and open it multiple times, apparently!


I just absentminded tried to go to inat 5 times in the past hour, despite knowing full well it’s down…I might have a problem.


Big sigh of relief when it came back up 12 minutes early. (And how did I know that…?)


I always come here via the iNaturalist site, but it was busy catching some Zs. :)

Nope; here to learn if others are experiencing some of the same electronic hiccups, and what cause was. While I’m waiting I’m interacting with other project-related tabs.

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