Just heard iNat mentioned in passing on NPR!

Tuned to NPR tonight, and they were in the midst of discussing the ways scientists try to find such a small, rare, underground creature in a large aquifer (eDNA, netting, etc). The host asked the speaker how ordinary citizens could report if they see something unusual. I immediately thought, “please mention iNaturalist!” and the speaker did!

For those interested, here is a link to the full piece:


The iNat mention comes in at 31:32 ‐ 32:21 (specifically, around 32:10)


Great listen! Thank you for sharing it here – the intervew gave me some ideas on how to handle the next, inevitable ‘yes, but why do you do this?’

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I think the speaker shares some of those points in his Vox article too.

The Vox article is linked from the page I posted above, but here it is directly:

The Vox article includes some nice photos of the original specimen, the cave, some invertebrates, eDNA sampling equipment, etc).

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