Just Published! Checklist on Microgastrinae

Wanted the iNat community to be aware that new research is available on braconid wasp species in the words of Jose-Fernandez-Triana:

I am taking this opportunity to let you know that yesterday it was published a large checklist on the world species of Microgastrinae. It is open access and can be freely downloaded here:

Although is a technical document, it contains picture of all genera of Microgastrinae (although from dead specimens in collections) but it also have some initial sections where the group is explained and details on host biology are also briefly discussed. I thought that might be of interest to you and your team, and because the paper is free to access, feel free to pass the info to whoever might be interested.


Such a helpful resource needs to be shared with others. Thanks for giving this your attention!


I’ve been excited about this since a few days ago when I had a chance interaction with him on one of my observations and I asked about resources. I’m in waaaay over my head but I’ll keep my expectations low.

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Very cool!

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