Lightweight field microscope?

Please advise me on a lightweight field microscope. I have a BRESSER Biolux NV 20x-1280x, it is very bulky and a bit heavy for me. Saw online Bresser Science XPD-101, probably good, but the price is very high. I would like something up to 200 dollars. Are there any variants of not expensive field microscope?


What do you use it for? If just for observing small things in the field, there are many fairly cheap options; if you need a lighted stage with a steady base for dissections, that is a different matter, and much more expensive.


Just for amateur observation of small animals and protozoa from puddles, rivers and other bodies of water. I use a DSLR camera with a macro lens, and another +16 diopter lens, I get a magnification of about 3:1 and also a flash. But this is often not enough, and also, as I understand it, you need lighting from below, like in a microscope, for a more accurate identification of organisms. I’m looking for options to expand my observation arsenal.


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