Limit computer vision suggestions for observations of humans


If the computer vision system returns human as one of its options, or if need be if it returns that the ‘pretty sure’ answer is genus Homo, then no other options should be presented to the user.

Don’t fill it out with any other choices. Doing do would hopefully cut down on the number of ‘joke’ ID’s that come in from students (and others) taking photos, running the ID and getting ‘funny’ choices they can select.



I have had the computer suggest Homo sapiens at the top of the list for something random, such as a moth, but then it has the correct identification below in the list. A couple of times, it seemed like the computer is just determined to get me to submit an observation of a human. This may be a good idea to implement, but I think it would need a way for people to use the identification suggestions even if the computer is convinced that there is a human in the picture.



I have no evidence, but I don’t think the joke IDs are particularly fueled by the computer vision program - They were being added long before it existed.

Another trouble is many observations of things are photos of people holding a specimen (eg a reptile), might it be more useful for the CV program to not bother with presenting ‘human’ at all as an option, but just the secondary suggestions …