List of North American birds with singing females?

Does anyone know of a reference for finding out which species have females that sing? I know a couple of the obvious ones, like northern cardinals, but it’s not always easy to find this information - sometimes my references include it, sometimes not. I’m working on filling in the ‘sex’ annotation for my bird recordings, and don’t want to assume that a singing bird in spring is male.


See the last figure on this page for a list of about 150:


It’s good that you don’t want to assume your singing birds are males! There’s lots of recent evidence that females of many species sing. This has been under-recognized in part because listeners and researchers assumed most of the songsters they heard were males…Here are a few links:


And another link:, “Female song is widespread and ancestral in songbirds,” Odom et al. 2014

@owlshead-wren @suecar Thank you! This is so interesting - I had no idea that 2/3 to 3/4 of passerine species females sing. [Heads off to edit my annotations]


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