Lithobates clamitans melanota

Lithobates claimtans melanota, the Northern Green Frog, is a subspecies of Green Frog. Or so, it was. Apparently this subspecies was invalidated over a decade ago. Yet, iNat still recognizes it. As such, I’ve still been IDing green frogs to ssp. I figure that when iNat makes the taxon change, my ssp IDs will be automatically changed to the new correct ID (assuming it’s possible for that to happen). However, I wonder why iNat hasn’t changed it. Why hasn’t the taxon been invalidated yet? Most Ontarian herp-enthusiasts seem very certain that the subspecies is invalid. So why hasn’t iNat acted on this? The discussions in the comments of L. clamitans observations are getting repetitive.

Hi! I started a flag here:

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