Live NY Wolf Webcam

Hello! I’ve enjoyed watching these two Mexican Grey Wolves, Diego and Valentia, go about their day. I want to know what other people have seen these two do, and what everyone else thinks of them! You can find the link to the wolf cam HERE! Feel free to talk about other experiences or stories about wolves!


I saw them howling in the middle of the night, too bad there’s no sound!

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Where is the link supposed to go? What organization?

I know what you mean. It really would be nice if there was audio. I’ve seen them playing around before, which was fun to watch, but it would be great if I could actually hear what was going on.

It’s copyrighted by the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) The website that the cam is on is (HD on tap)

Thank you!

My phone had odd behavior on the site with the pop-ups, blow-ups, and jumpiness. I may have a better experience on the computer.

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This is so cool, I love watching it!

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