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Our Oxalis taxonomist wished to curate Cape species outside of the Cape, so we created this project:

This appears to work fine, except that there are a few “tail enders” which should not really be known outside of the Cape. When he tried to fix these, he discovered that they are inside the excluded area of “southern Africa” - and he flagged this as an issue.

zooming in: these are defiitely within the excluded Southern Africa

Opening these shows that the indexing is wrong:

Note that there are no encompassed places.
All of these observations show the same, but observations (the other red pins) within s Afr that dont appear in the project have these detalls filled in.

In all cases that I have tried, if I agree to the ID, then the full details reappear, and it is excluded from the project.
But so far, for three consecutive days there is a new crop of observations in the tail end that show this pattern.
For instance this is todays set of “unindexed” observations (you need to explore: there are a handful without coordinates included therein - waiting for users to fix.)":

It is a bit of a nuisance …

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(((it may be significant, that almost all the examples so far are from this same area around Fish Hoek???)))

Are they from the same user?
Anne’s obs had to be retrieved from iNat’s backup - so if that is the cause, it should soon be (manually) cleared.

PS I checked today’s Western Cape batch, not Anne!

I do see that basically all of Anne’s observations lack encompassing places and that if I force a reindex and refresh the page I now see the proper encompassing places. If you see any observations like this that are not Anne’s, can you please share them? I’ll see if we can run a script to reindex her observations.

OK, annemcleod’s observations have been reindexed and after spot checking I see that they have encompassing places.


Wonderful man - thank you - you are much appreciated!

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Thanks. That seems to have solved the issue. No new records appearing.