Location pin color

Apparently I missed a change. I was checking a notification and in the map next to the picture showing other same level individuals, the pins are three different colors. The usual orange, dark red, and blue. Did I miss something, I can’t figure out what the colors signify.

can you share a link / an image so we can see what you mean?

Here’s the one where I first saw it. Zoom out on the map.
And here’s another that I checked.

There doesn’t seem to be any correlation, blue for example contains RG, NID, and casual.

Those are all the same color for me. Could you add a screenshot?


i also see the normal orange, red, and blue.

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Can’t it be optional layers? I only see regular red.


I only see red. Is this what you are seeing?

Here’s a screenshot.weirdmap1

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It is layers, apparently I turned on a bunch and didn’t turn them back off. I didn’t know they’d show up on the observation maps.

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Blue ones are captive-cultivated, red are verifiable observations with a dot in the middle indicating research grade. Maroon indicates an observation without media (or otherwise casual I think, like marked no further ID needed?). The pins indicate unobscured observations. The round, translucent markers have the same color scheme, but indicate obscured observations.

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