Locked collages for higher taxon photos outside of animalia?

I just noticed that some of the higher level taxons (animalia, vertebrata, etc) have collages as the default photo and they are locked. I think this is wonderful!
Are there plans to do the same for high level taxons in other kingdoms?

Forgive me if this was answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any announcements or forum posts.


This was explained a flag for Homo sapiens, so yeah, a bit hidden. From @kueda:

We have made it so only staff can edit the photos for certain taxa, and have applied this to Homo sapiens and taxa with Linnean ranks (KPCOFGS ranks, so not things like subfamily) that contain it in an effort to a) stop people from constantly changing the photo of Homo sapiens, and b) avoid offending people in cases where iNat’s automated suggestions may suggest a taxon that contains Homo sapiens when attempting to identify an image of a human.

The photos we’ve chosen are composites of public domain (or similarly unrestricted) images. You can find links to originals by viewing the details page for individual photos.

This was previously discussed on the Forum a while ago: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/the-default-taxon-photo-for-homo-sapiens/5668 I’ll update that discussion as well.

No specific plans right now, but if an edit war breaks out we will consider locking its taxon photos.

Yep, I saw those posts when I was searching, but that only mentioned humans and the topic was closed last year, so I wasn’t sure if it was related.

So if we want to suggest something similar we done for other high level taxons (Angiospermae springs to mind), does that mean we need to flag it and ask for a collage & lock?

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I was thinking less of an edit war and more of heading off the “it looks nothing like that” comments in response to coarse IDs.


Possibly. For what it’s worth, it took a good amount of time for @abhas to find properly licensed photos to create these collages, so it’s not trivial. I could see it working for Angiospermae, though.


Oh, absolutely. I’d be patient. Thanks for your hard work, @abhas , it looks great!

And possibly Order Artiodactyla in Animals, eventually.
(I said I’d be patient; I never claimed I’d be satisfied) :laughing:

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