Log in with Google on iNaturalistAU?

I’m a relatively new user of iNaturalist, logged into iNaturalist using Google.

But iNaturalistAU doesn’t let me do that. Do I have to go in under an actual (different) email and username or am I somehow umbrella-ed?

I am assuming that now I’ve ticked the box for iNaturalistAU on the main site that the ATA folks have access to my entries - but if not I’m not sure what I should be doing.


Not all network sites have gone through the extra steps needed to make it possible to sign in with google. I’ll reach out to them about it.

In the meantime, you have two options:

  1. Just keep using iNaturalist.org. Sounds like you’ve affiliated your account with iNaturalistAU, so if your main concern is data sharing with ALA you’re set.

  2. While logged in on iNaturalist.org, in your account settings you can add a password to your account so you can have the option to sign in that way as well. If you want to use the site with an Australia-centric experience and see their announcements, I recommend doing that.


Thank you, that is really helpful!

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So, once I made myself a password, I was able to log in at iNaturalistAU just fine!
Thank you once more!

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Great! This solution works in any circumstance where you have logged into iNat with a third party but for some reason you can’t log in that way for one particular portal into iNat.