Logins - Once or Twice

To get into iNaturalist Australia, I have to login with a username and email. BUT when I get to Forums I have to sign in AGAIN. Is this correct that I have to log in TWICE? Is there a way to login in once only? Thanks.

Logging in twice is correct and necessary. The forums are essentially a separate website, and in fact there’s no requirement that you use the same username for both.


They’re two separate accounts. Most iNat contributors haven’t even set up an account on the forums.


you can use your iNat account to log in here, but yes, you must log into each site separately.


Hmmmn, I only have to log in once. I do not use iNaturalist Australia though and share the same username, for what its worth

You can’t do that, it just means you stay logged in and don’t have to relog to the forum.

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and you don’t even have to have an iNat profile, to comment here on the forum.
Which feels weird to me. Anyone can join the discussion here.

As Melodi said, I’m pretty sure that means the computer/device you usually use is keeping you logged in to the forum. If you switch computers I bet you’ll be asked to log in again.

OK. Thanks everyone for your help.

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