Looking for a local iNaturalist Enthusiasts!

Seeking a saavy iNaturalist user who wouldn’t mind donating some time to help out at a 5th annual BioBlitz in Tampa, Florida, scheduled for April 30th. We’re hoping someone can help us synthesize our previous years’ of data and compare it with current data on day of event.

maybe change your title from ‘local’ to Tampa Florida ?


You may have more luck asking on the main website, since most users don’t visit the forum. My suggestion would be, write a journal post and tag a dozen or so of the top observers of Tampa, Florida. You can see them here https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=165198&view=observers


There are a couple ways of reading your question, I think. Do you need somebody local who is a naturalist, somebody local who can describe/demonstrate iNat, or somebody local-or-not who can help with data analysis?


Welcome to the Forum! Unfortunately, I can be of no help.

Thank you for the advice!

Good call, thank you!

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! I volunteered to help with this event and am not familiar with iNaturalist. I’ll keep your thoughts in mind and clarify as I create a journal post as recommended by @arboretum_amy

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