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There are already a bunch of ways to get your observations identified. The number one way is patience. You can read more about it in one of these threads:

Question about response time for IDs

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You’re not the only one waiting longer than you’d like for IDs. I have observations that are years old still waiting for the right person to come along. Identifiers are volunteers and demanding their attention when they have potentially tens of thousands of other observations to ID is in my personal opinion not helpful.

Take the time to develop personal relationships. Introduce yourself to others in your area, help identify their stuff, ask what photographs would make the ID process easier for them. Etc. You can always @ people but they are far more likely to respond if you are friendly and polite.

I started with zero followers like everyone else. I gained a bunch over time. Most of them are new users whom I helped with IDs. Some are friends I made here. A handful I have no idea who they are but whatever. Only one did I specifically ask to follow me, and I only did that because I wanted his help to improve my own identification skills of local plants.