Make column order consistent on flag-related pages

This is a minor annoyance, but presumably a very easy change.

Platform: web


Description of need:
On the main flags listing page, the first few columns are: flagger, content author, content type, content. But once you click details to view a specific flag, the order becomes: content author, object, flagger.

All flags page:

Flag detail page:

The swapped ordering of author and flagger is particularly confusing, since those are the two main “parties” to any flag, and so it can be hard to track who’s flagging who.

Feature request details:
Reorder columns on flag detail page to be flagger, author, object to better match the flag listing page.

Looks like it’d only require rearranging a few lines of template code starting here.

This seems fairly easy and reasonable. I’m not sure I understand it completely tbh, but from what I can understand it seems like if this was a problem it wouldn’t be complicated to fix.

This has bugged me for years.

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This has been implemented.


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