Mangrove Yellow Warbler common name for S. p. erithachorides

I’m not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was curious what the rationale behind giving the common name Mangrove Yellow Warbler to the subspecies S. p. erithachorides was? This has caused a lot of confusion, with many people submitting observations as this subspecies when their observation is one of the other 11 (or more?) “Mangrove Warbler” subspecies. I finally went and corrected a bunch of these observations today, and was going to flag the subspecies for curation but then saw someone else already did exactly that and its name was upheld because it’s the common name for the subspecies. From what I could tell from looking online, every single subspecies in this group has the same common name: Mangrove Yellow Warbler. In my eyes, removing the common name would prevent a lot of misidentifications and confusion, so I guess I’m just curious why this subspecies has the common name when most of the others aren’t assigned one.

The flag is here:

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