Mark a line on a trail as an option instead of a circle for location


Have a feature that allows location to be a line on a trail instead of a circle. I photograph with a camera and upload to the web application when I get home. I walk a known trail in many cases and don’t have GPS coordinates for each observation. I have an idea of where I am on the trail.

I find the trail on the map and select a point on the trail approximately where it was. I set the accuracy wide enough to cover the portion of the trail. Sometimes my circle gets large to cover the trail. It would be more accurate if I could create a line on the trail to indicate location instead of the circle.


We’ve thought about this but it would involve a pretty drastic change to the way we store and, more importantly, support the entry of geodata, so while it might be interesting, I can pretty much guarantee we won’t be doing this, at least not any time soon.


Yeah, I often identify organisms on the bank or edge of a river, and it would be great to be able to say "in this circle but definitely in the water bit and the only way of doing it right now is with a comment.


yeah, similarly, it would be really neat if iNat ever supported things like transects, square/rectangular plots, or polygons (ie one small wetland or forest patch)… and allowed you to just add species to that, without having to create a small ‘place’ which doesn’t work for a bunch of reasons. Makes sense that it is not high priority and may never happen, but something to think about at least.


@charlie should this be closed? Up to you.

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I’m fine with that. It doesn’t seem likely to be worth the dev time per tepid interest anyhow.

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