Mass identifications to major groups

First time post here.
I thoroughly enjoy going through the complete unknowns in various regions of the world I know (Alaska, Switzerland, Ecuador, Costa Rica) and put at least “plant” or “lepidoptera” on things so they can get into the hands of further experts. However, this is somewhat daunting in. For example, there is a forthcoming Bioblitz in Hong Kong and I thought to click through the indets and put some names on unknown observations before people throughout the world would be making identifications there, but with some 400+ pages of unknowns, clicking on each observation individually I’d never get anywhere. Is there a way to click on say 20 different observations and simultaneously identify them all as “plant” ? That way mass identifications could be made.


In short, no this isn’t possible right now. You can find further discussions here and here.

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Thanks, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one thinking about the usefulness of such a tool.

Thanks for the question Jason, and welcome to the forum!

To keep further discussion focused in the existing threads @jwidness linked above, I’m going to close this one. Please feel free to chime in on the other threads.

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