Merge iNat Blog comments section with affiliated topics on iNat Forum


Not suggesting it be done for all journals, just the official, staff-managed iNat blog.


  • nicely formatted discussions
  • drives more people to use forum
  • makes discussion more cohesive, prevents duplicative conversations
  • side conversations can be split to new topics
  • more robust tools for managing inappropriate or wholly off-topic comments
  • encourages people to heart comments rather add short, spammy feeling comments like “I agree” / “+1 me too” / etc
  • blog posts less hidden once they drop off the front iNat dashboard
  • users can set up emails or notifications for new topics posted in the official iNat blog category


  • requires users to log into the forum

This would make trying to track long/branching conversations like the agree button one a lot easier, and people wouldn’t feel like they need to post the same comment in two places.