[Missing "pt.of" translation]

I’ve noticed this today, it didnt show up the last time I checked a place page.

What does [Missing “pt.of” translation] mean? (circled in red)

Can you provide the link to the place? Probably looking at it in other languages could help.

Here it is: https://www.inaturalist.org/places/parque-da-cidade--5

Looks like it’s actually a bugged translation of “of”.

Oh, okay. Now it makes sense

I think the tag “pt.of” should be replaced by a correct translation of “of” in the selected language “PT”. But this tag pt.of is not in the file for the languague PT so the error message says the translation of the tag pt.of is missing.

See also this bug report

It show me the same, “ru.of” missing, so it’s more translations missing or way to them is missing, anyway it’s a bug.

This should be fixed now. Anyone still seeing it?

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Can’t see it anymore, seems fixed