Missions - not working

Platform: Android
App version number: 17-oct-20
Description of problem:
Step 1:
Click Missions, then select the icon for Birds
Step 2:
It was supposed to show me birds I’ve never seen, but it only shows me birds I’ve seen. If I click in one of the birds (for instance, a Galah, very common bird here), one of the photos in the system is my photo! So, Missions is not working. Same happens if I click on Mammals.

I think I noticed this as well. My theory was that it was happening for species where other users submitted observations for subspecies of that species (for example, I was seeing Mallard in my missions even though I submitted a mallard already. Now that I’ve also submitted one of Domestic Mallard, I don’t see it in my missions anymore.) This is just a guess though. If that is the reason, I don’t think it should work that way.

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