Moderation decisions about several posts in the LGBTQIA+ Thread

Removing Sedgequeen’s response from the original thread, apologizing, and promising to do better in the future is all that would have been needed at the original point but now it just seems like everyone is doubling down on the transphobia and refusing to actually listen to the trans and queer users in the original thread who all pointed out: refusing to use someone’s pronouns, weather now or saying you will not use them in the future is indeed misgendering and active transphobia. Allllll you have to do is remove Sedgequeen’s post in the original thread and apologize for not listening to the multiple queer users telling you what the problem is, all i’ve seen in this thread is people acting like irrational demands were made and it was just people asking for a transphobic post to be removed? And staff are defending the post and letting it remain up in the original thread with no visible reponse on that thread to show that post is in the wrong??