Moderation decisions about several posts in the LGBTQIA+ Thread

It is also not sound in terms of integrity to speak in generalities like this when you know what the issue is. The issue is whether @nonbinary_naturalist is competent to know when it has been misgendered. And tiwane has stated that it is not:

What if it was you who was misgendered? Or, for that matter, deadnamed? And then some third party – perhaps a staff member – came along and said, “No, you weren’t.” Under what circumstances would you consider that acceptable?

It seems disingenuous to speak in generalities about “people can listen and disagree” when you know exactly what the issue is.

And amid all this drama, what do we see?

The irony: the person who wrote the offending posts put more effort into fixing the situation than the mod team did.

Nice words, but systematically portraying nonbinary naturalist as some kind of irrational or juvenile person who foolishly “wants everyone to be perfect” doesn’t fit with that sentiment. We are told that the hidden posts contained personal attacks; but we are unable to view ignored content so that we cannot fact-check that claim. We’re just supposed to take their word for it.