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As a birder, I am used to Big Day culture, which can be done in teams, competitively, or just individually. I happened in to this previous discussion on the Forum a few days too late to add a comment there, but for reference, here’s that link
I’d have to check a lot more to ascertain for certain, but I believe my biggest day was Total entries April 26, 2019, during the City Nature Challenge, when there was a morning bioblitz and then I spent the afternoon in entirely different habitats, accumulating over 210 entries. I know I can do better than that.

So I was daydreaming about how to leverage Big Days. For someone like me who is now getting used to garnering 100+ observations on most days of extended time in the field, there are real advantages to surveying tasks and bio-blitzes to having folks who can generate a high number of entries. As was discussed in the previous thread, I try not to repeat a specific species within a day (unless there is a compelling reason, like unexpected presence or other form of rarity).

With birding Big Days, there are some clearly established rules. But the field is so much more complicated with iNaturalist. So I wrote up a longer journal post on some vectors for constructing a variety of Big Day types. Some would work well with Bio-Blitzes; other types could encourage Green naturalizing, and still others could aim to expand a county or regional or park list. Take a look, and comment either here or there.

Jennifer, a.k.a. gyrrlfalcon

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