Mosquito identification

How does one identify species of Mosquitoes?? not just the genus since i photographed numerous species that need identified.

You find local keys and id with specimen in hand or with all needed photos, but there’re enough complexes that can’t be ided to species with regular photos alone.

roger tat thank you

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It’s a very steep learning curve. Start with genera:

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From where are your mosquitoes? Here is an interactive key for Europe:

The previous version, used to run as a CD but also online:

A good book including keys for all the world culicidae:
BECKER, N. & PETRIĆ, D. & ZGOMBA, M. & BOASE, C. & MADON, M. & DAHL, C.H. & KAISER, A.: 2010. Mosquitoes and Their Control. Edition: Second Edition Publisher: Springer, Heidelberg, Dordrecht, New York.

Well, your profile does not tell me where you are from, so I don’t know how relevant this is; but I once worked for a county mosquito control district, and they kept keys for the mosquito species found in the local area. Of course, those keys were designed to be used with specimens under the microscope, but they did go to species.

Ohio in North America

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