Mosquitoes learning? An interesting (to me) tale about a confused mosquito

I’ve always had the idea that mosquitoes smell, sense heat and carbon dioxide. And yes, they have nice eyes, but was pretty amazed to see one adapting plainly to humans and using only (apparently at least) her eyesight. It’s the season of strong rains, and mosquitoes appear massively near any spot with water, desperately overwhelming any human host. Of course, they bite against clothes, and even against sneakers.
So, at a houseplant exposition, amidst houseplants, mosquitoes, and desperate people doing unreasonable things to try to get rid of them, tables covered in a green table cloth were abundant. On one of them, a confused mosquito tried and tried to insert her proboscis into the tablecloth, as if she had learned that under a piece of fabric, lies a source of blood, a careless human dressed in green clothes…
This strongly suggests that mosquitoes have an unexpected (to me) ability to learn in their short adult lifespans, since clothes do not exist in nature, so there’s no instinct that teaches them to identify clothes.

I just wanted to share this random observation about possible animal intelligence. Has someone seen other unexpected animals do intelligent things?

By the way, how do ticks feel their hosts? Once I saw a tick on a log, and put my hand next to it to see its reaction. It immediately started running and climbed to my hand. How did that thing felt me?