Most beautiful birds/bird sounds ever

You mean Vanellus vanellus?

Most beautiful bird I have seen – there are a few, but the list would have to include Resplendent Quetzal in a Costa Rica cloud forest. The one I remember best from Taiwan is the Gray-chinned Minivet. And during my time in Hawaii, I most enjoyed the Hawaiian honeycreepers: I’iwi, 'Apapane, and Oahu 'Amakihi.

Most beautiful bird ever – I assume this means one that I know about, maybe from pictures, but have not seen for myself? There are so many hummingbirds in Central and South America that are “drop-dead gorgeous,” as the expression goes. And I plan to visit New Guinea, sometime after COVID ends, specifically to see birds-of-paradise.

Most beautiful bird song I have heard – there are two. One is the White-rumped Shama, whose song sounds so exotic and jungly it made me feel like I was on an adventure whenever I heard it. The other is the Pacific Wren, which begins in late winter, and is just so loud and bubbly it fills the forest with joy.

Most beautiful bird song ever – I couldn’t say, because descriptions written in books to not capture songs well.

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Yes, their calls are like from another planet plus they remind me of my childhood before 50 builduings were built on their nesting grounds.


The most beautiful single bird I ever saw was an American avocet. I live in NE Ohio. They only come through during migration. They don’t come to the Cleveland area much because we don’t have many wetlands in this county. But, a few years ago, one stopped by a local city park with a beach on the lakefront. I was lucky enough to have seen it at fairly close range. I think they are very elegant birds. I was surprised at how big the avocet was. It was almost as big as the gulls nearby.

Songs…that’s tough. I try to go out in the spring as much as possible to look for and listen for the migrating birds. We are very fortunate in NE Ohio as we get a lot of warblers passing through. I think many would also qualify as the most beautiful bird I have ever seen. They are little gems. And, many are singing on their way north. I think the Veery has a beautiful song. But, I really can’t narrow that down to just one bird. Honestly, I enjoy hearing plain birds like field sparrows because, when they arrive and are singing, it is the beginning of springtime.


So sad :sweat: :disappointed:

Tried hearing the Red-wattled lapwing? I don’t like it too much, but I hear it whenever I visit a patch of wild land. Always, even if the patch is only 15 square metres!

Listen using They have audio for most of the species, following a recent collaboration with the Internet Bird Collection, introducing many new species into the media archive, the Macaulay Library. Search some blog-post-lists and test them out.

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A bigger database is found here:

Like eBird, anyone can contribute to it.
It doesn’t have the additional information about a species like eBird; but, it gives a wider variety of songs/calls for a species.


Thanks! But note that I am a dedicated eBirdwatcher!