My identification stats dont make sense to me

I want the ID stats to be a list or grid that shows the different species I’ve ID’d sorted by how many of them I’ve ID’d like the species list for my observations. For example, I know I’ve ID’d several White-lined sphinx moths, but I dont know how many. And yes, I do know that on a specie’s profile there is a list of identifiers but considering the fact that the White-lined sphinx has 2.6K identifiers why cant I just skip past spending forever scrolling to try and find my rank when it could just be on my profile? I feel like this should already have been a feature to begin with. If it is, it isn’t easy to find.

is this what you were looking for?


Dang, how’d you find that?

there are many different pages/views that are accessible on iNat by directly editing the URL. There’s a great guide to this functionality here:


I wish thats what my observations looked like :sweat_smile:

If you want more stats that aren’t included in the above link, this tool is also helpful!