My iNaturalist pages have become right-to-left

New today, all iNaturalist pages are now displaying right-to-left with dir="rtl" in the html tag, but only when I am logged in to my iNaturalist account.

Platform: Website
App version number): N/A
Browser: Chrome (IOS, OSX), Safari (OSX)
URLs: All iNaturalist pages as far as I can tell.


Description of problem: Unfortunately, I don’t know how to replicate (or un-replicate!) this issue. It just magically appeared.

I have tried changing my language to something other than English and back again. Clearing site data also did not work. The problem persists across devices.

Hopefully there’s a fix. This is definitely an interesting way to interact with the site.

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I think you have inadvertently turned on the test view that is right-to-left. To turn it off, go to any observation (because I don’t think this works from your home screen), scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the option to Stop Testing. Hope that works!


@janetwright: That was it! Thank you for figuring that out. I don’t think I would have found the opt-out and I don’t think I clicked the testing button intentionally.

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