My merch arrived

Today the mailman arrived with a box. Two iNat shirts and a cap! Wow! I’m wearing the iNat cap now at 4:25AM. I look very sophisticated I think.


I am sure you do! And very intelligent too!


Yes, I think so!

I’m too sexy for my hat; too sexy for my hat (Right Said Fred); my hat’s gonna leave me?


No, your hat will stay with you forever, unless Nature takes it away from you, like maybe a moose eats it, or the wind blows it away somewhere where you can’t reach it!


Thank you for the laugh :grin:


Hahahah. Any time @mathieu_h :)

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I’m going to give one of the t-shirts away. Because I didn’t know how to “translate” between US and AU shirt sizes I ordered two sizes. One fits me, the other doesn’t. I’m going to give the other away to another AU user (to be decided) if they want it


That’s pretty cool. Maybe you can organize a small challenge, although random pick is nice as well.

A small challenge?! That’s a good idea but I’d have to advertise the shirt size in the challenge to ensure the prize fits so the contestant population might be biased and I’d be swamped. Maybe I’ll just give it away and make a separate contest! The shirts are quite nice quality by the way

Edit: Yeah, that’s the go. I like the quality of the shirts, so I’ll hold a small challenge and at the same time I order the shirt for the winner I’ll order another for myself. Win-win.

Edit 2: As for the shirt that I currently have that doesn’t fit… I’ll bulk up! /me lifts his mouse up and down… I’ll be buff in no time


I got a bumper sticker for the Pajero, any others in Aus? I also got t-shirts for me and leithalb so I won’t enter your challenge.

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