My Observation Data Spreadsheet

Difficulty in finding new species, and the amount of work if put into observing by month and year

How are these two calculated?

Awesome charts!

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Work is basically just the word i used to describe the average number of observations made per day by month. Difficulty in finding new species is Observations divided by Species.

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@finatic @muir I have created a “pre-release” version if you want to try it. If you find any issues don’t hesitate to tell me.

Release 1 OUTDATED but here if you want

Release 2 (updated)



Thank You.

If any of you have used it I would love to know what some of you think. Feel free to post some of your data in the excel sheet.

I haven’t had a chance to do so, but still interested!

An excellent meta analysis, thanks for sharing this.

How would I make my own graph like that?

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