Observations GONE!

I decided to upload more photos from the recent past 2016-17 and did not want to replicate posts. KNOWING I had uploaded and reported some photos, I searched and searched, on my list, on location maps and found some of my observations missing, yet, once I clicked on calendar and put in the specific species, it popped up, complete with comments and all. Why did it not appear on the calendar search, on the location search etc???
Signed dazed and confused

Can you post links to some of the observations that aren’t showing up?

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It would also help to know exactly what dates you were searching for, what taxa you think are missing, and exactly what URLs you were looking at when you were expecting to see some records but did not. Usually problems like this are just due to misconfigured filters, casual obs not showing up by default in some searches, etc.

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whatever the reason it is a bit unfortunate. I will have to check everything with my files, it will take quite a while

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