My observations have disappeared

I joined in 2021 and have made I guess about 10 to 20 observations since. I went through the Confirmation procedure today( not easy due to password problems), when logged in finally, found that all my observations had disappeared and I have been unable to find them and the identifications that went with them. I last would have looked months ago. I use Chrome on a desktop and a laptop.

did you originally upload them via the app or desktop?

Via desktop. I don’t have the App.

Is it possible you accidentally created more than one profile? has 10 Observations (but joined in 2019) has no Observations (but joined in 2021)


Lucy you are brilliant! Thanks so much. I wondered about that but couldn’t find how to check. I get quite confused with all the different logins, user names and so on. Security is a real bugger to old blokes like me.

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You’re quite welcome! I think you email the help address to have them combined, if I’m not mistaken.

(Except in very rare circumstances, we’re only meant to have one profile.)

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