Mystery iNatter Stories

Yeah I have one, not a mystery one, this story is of time when I loved nature, not addicted to it, It was the time of marriage of my relative in winter in a rural village of India, my village mostly a green land grown for food,when I arrived at the village I was welcomed by the elders of the house( which is still made of mud), village children for them I am like a foreigner there because of city dressing style, they take glimpse of me as I take of hornbill, in no time I got surrounded by people, touching my cheeks and I am touching there foot as a respect, my mother laughing along with them and elder ladies laughing a lot. Everyone was very happy, in that mean time I was lost in my thoughts, suddenly a cracking sound was made, I look around no one was there, it was a cracking call that almost ripped my heart off. Then after some time we sat on the ground and started eating puris(traditional dish made in India) with some sabzi or in english we called it as vegetables cooked well with spicy masalas, we eated and then I heard that voice again I suddenly raise my ear and my mother noticed and told me to eat silently, then it was after-noon the preparations of food began for marriage(In my village the food is not prepared and ordered commercially, it is made by us/family only,
My work was to transport dough from one place to other, I was so small that I take it as a game and challenged my sibling to have a challenge, who transpot dough more will won(the kitchen of marriage was my whole village)
We started a good game excited at first and me and my sibling were exhausted at last,So we started going towards out house and then I sat on a charpai( a tradtional rural bed of India, made of bamboo and coconut fibre) and strecthed my body and relaxed, in mean time when I was talking about our competition in village, my grand mother made sweets for us which we take handfull of them and eated them, then my mother screamed and said food is ready, it was not ordinary dining table, here are no tables and there were more than 150 people from all over the village, we eat there and come our way back home, marriage was getting started, we were waiting for groom, in the waiting my grandmother said to go to sleep, I said no then I sat in her lap, and asked about the sound I was hearing when I tried to imitate that sound everyone looked at me for a second,a strange silence and then sudden burst of laughter which later fades into a crowd talk, then my grand mother told me this sound can be of wolve, then I asked I haven’t seen any, she said it was long time ago when they were here but they are rare now( Yeah they are gone from my village now, haven’t seen any and never heard the sound), I asked “are you afraid of them” she laughed and said “no, she said I can shot them if they come to scare you”, I laughed along with her( now I regret it) and then she gave told us to go to a room made of mud(because it stays warm in winter) we were surprized there was just husk of ricewith bed sheet on I layed with my sibling in that room we played a lots of game, laughed and then slept like a log, marriage was happening while we were sleeping , people were dancing while were sleeping. You know I was a morning cock at that time I literaly wake up my siblings, it resulted in arrogant sibling shouting at me, so I come alone to the green fields, it was full of grasses with a dew shining in sunlight the view was majestic, then I go inside, it was very cold there, I was feeling a little dazy and sleepy which was broken by a same cracking sound, I screamed and runas fast as possible that call was chasing me, I ran and ran and ran, ooh shit my leg slipped and then call was above me, and a mysterios bird come near me and flew to a tree front of me and started same cracking sound, I laughed and laughed and laughed.


a cracking sound in below audio is of the same bird

and that devil bird looks with brown colour and white striped like that


That’s a great story, @diablo!

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It’s a very pretty bird.

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hahaha, She did not look that pretty at that time.