Native species in a project for introduced species

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Cymbalaria muralis is currently listed as native in the place “Toscana”:

Anyway it has been listed in this project that should include only introduced species:

I think you have been caught by inconsistencies in the checklists for overlapping places. In this instance, the species is listed as “native” in Toscana
but is listed as “introduced” in, for example, Lucca

I don’t know how the software decides which place checklist to use for an individual observation. To be sure that the project works as expected, I would guess that someone would need to make the status consistent in all the checklists for places in the region covered by the project.

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Thank you so much for the explanation. You have found the “bug”.

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I have stumbled on the same problem for Cymbalaria muralis It should be native, and it is listed as introduced.

if you click on Cymbalaris muralis here:
you can see that someone (or somehow automatically?) has set the introduced status for this taxon for the province of La Spezia and the city of La Spezia.

Then, it turns out that fixing the intruction status (native or introduced) for a given taxon is particularly time-consuming since one has to change it in every smallest administrative units and then in the larger ones (city->province->region).

We should ask to try to discover a way to solve this problem.

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