Hi! Looking for a view I know exists, but can't find

Hello there.

I’ve stumbled upon a view in iNaturalist, and I am trying to find it again. I’ll describe it, and perhaps you can tell me how to view it.

It is:

  • A grid or list of my observations, shown in image form
  • That adds a earmark on the image if the species is native

Ideally (but I am not sure), it also adds an earmark for introduced species observations.

Thanks for reading! (And for any help!)

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When you’re logged into iNaturalist on the website, click “Your Observations” up at the top. You’ll see a grid of all your observations (or you can view it as a list, or on the map). If you click “species” you’ll see a grid of all the species you’ve seen with a green “N” for native species, a green “E” for endemic species, and a pink “IN” for introduced.


Just to add-- you have to have a place selected as well (e.g. “all species I’ve ever seen in California”), to make the little IN, I, E show up. If it’s everything you’ve ever seen in the world there are no marks, since everything is native to the planet so far as we know. :)



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I get the IN, N, & E to show up when I look at all my observations. But it’s probably because I have my location set as California in my account settings?

Omg, I am looking forward to our first invasive species!

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I’ve had inconsistent results in seeing the regional markers.
On my machine, logged in, it worked fine if set to World, or a Bounding Box.
On my girlfriend’s machine, the markers did not show up, and setting a location did not fix this.
This makes me feel that it may be due to being logged in; but I only have a timezone selected in my profile, and no Search Place.
I’ve also never seen an “E,” but the Native and Invasive markers work fine.

This is one of my favorite features of iNaturalist, and I wish it were easier to view/ present whenever viewing observations.

I seem to get the same markers whether set to world or a local area, which is how I would expect it to behave. I would expect it to determine those item based on where it was located, not what geographical area I am displaying.

Thanks for asking the question - I was interested to learn the answer

Odd that it’s different for everybody! It only works for me if I have a location set in the search (I don’t have a location set in my profile, just a time zone). There’s quite a few things I’ve seen in both their native and introduced ranges (Tasmanian Blue Gum, Eurasian Blackbird, Eastern Grey Squirrel…), so I’m not sure how it would display those.

It might be here already, in a political office.

It appears that when you have a default place in your profile (like I do) it will use that when you look at everyone’s species or your own in grid view without a specified location (i.e. “The World”). If you specify a location it seems to use that (e.g. I just selected a European country and numerous European species come up with an “N”). If you use a bounding box, location that doesn’t have a checklist or there is no entry in the checklist then it will display nothing.

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