Naturalist Circles of Belgium

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Do you know the story of the Naturalist Circles of Belgium? This organization was founded in 1958 by Léon Woué, a nature enthusiast who dedicated his life to studying and protecting wildlife and flora in Belgium.

Léon Woué came up with the idea of creating this organization after a trip to Canada, where he was struck by the work, passion, and enthusiasm of groups of naturalists, both amateur and professional, for studying and discovering the wild world of their country. Thus, upon his return, the Naturalist Circles of Belgium were established and quickly became a great success by bringing together passionate members who worked together to study and observe local nature.

Since then, the activities of the Naturalist Circles of Belgium have expanded to include nature conservation and environmental awareness. They have collaborated with other organizations to protect natural habitats and threatened species in Belgium. They have also continued to encourage a passion for nature and share their knowledge with future generations.

Today, the Naturalist Circles of Belgium continue to be active and play an important role in promoting nature conservation in Belgium. Their work and commitment have inspired many people to explore and protect nature in Belgium, thereby contributing to preserving the country’s biodiversity.


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