Naturalist Festivals?

Birders have tons of festivals, seemingly across many geographies and months of the year. These events are often 2-4 days, and full of seminars, field trips, and other activities. These events often draw people from large areas (like entire US states, or sometimes across the country and beyond). Are there similar events but with a broader naturalist slant?

I’ve seen a few birding festivals tack on “…and nature”, but they seem to still be 80% birding.

Just curious what’s out there.



I would say Moth Night. Every state/area has a group dedicated to it, which usually draws quite a few people. It takes place during June, I think?


I don’t know if this counts as a festival, but the conservation districts, forest preserves, ect, in my state go to a conference every year where all manner of conservation subjects are discussed like:
Archeology, natural land divisions, nesting birds, reptile diseases, new invasive species, bees and so on. One year there was even a workshop on using iNat to log what is on the properties.

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We have a Butterfly Festival in South Texas the week before the Birding Festival. In October/November. A really good time of year for both. Many of those attending are into other areas of nature. I setup my moth sheet for both festivals last year.

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Many parks or conservation areas with sufficient amounts of birders and birds host owl prowls, where you are guided through the forest with a group at night to see owls, and sometimes other night critters if your lucky. The Great-Horned Owls are always a treat!

Oklahoma has an Outdoor Festival in the fall that’s geared towards kids. We also have a BioBlitz organization that puts on events across the state during the statewide blitzes.

Most such events I’ve read about seem to be scheduled around Earth Day. A number of them disappeared during Covid.

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