New European wildlife comeback study kicks off - Rewilding Europe

So apparently there are plans for an updated European Wildlife Comeback report to be published in 2022, which will examine 50 species rather than the 37 in the first report. It will be interesting to see what has changed since the first one.

Will they perhaps also look at iNaturalist data?


Good for Europe! Though I live in America, I have learned a bit about the animals of Europe, and they really have a problem. I hope the plan works out!

Years ago we were hiking in the Swiss National Park.They had just reintroduced raptors (vultures?) Four birds which could be identified in flight by the dark and light feathers. We saw Jasper … and I was sad to read a few days later, when were home in Zurich, that Jasper had been shot by an indignant local farmer. Just a few days to be wild and free …

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That is very sad.

even if there were a few setbacks, this reintroduction is very successful with many wild hatched fledglings each year now, more here:

The report is very interesting, even if the focus is a bit much “on the big stuff”. Given the habitat is there, many of the species are currently recolonizing habitats they used to occupy - at least here in Switzerland

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I adore that bisons are coming back prety well in some areas, imagine what it was when we had wild tarpans and aurochs were common in our forests and fields?

And bears. And wolves.

Thank you - for pictures that show the individual pattern. And wonderful to hear how those first 4 have expanded!

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