New info added to About the Bug Reports Category

Just a heads-up that I added a new section to the About the Bug Reports Category post, titled “What happens next?” that goes over some new tags I’ll be trying to use with bug reports and reasons why bugs are more or less likely to be fixed. Thanks to the @forum_moderators and especially @jwidness for helping me with this. I should note that the tags won’t be retroactively added to every older bug report but I’ll do the best I can.

It’s part of some changes I’m going to make to be more responsive about bug report and feature request updates so that it’s not as much of a “black box”. However, the forum is only one part of my job and I’m the only staff member who’s here regularly, so please be patient. Thanks!


Thanks for the explanation, Tony. These seem like useful changes and I appreciate whatever communication you can provide.


Have you done the same for feature requests? I noticed some new tags there too.

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I started using some tags to see how that goes, but haven’t written up an explanation. Probably will happen next week.