New Limits to Place Creation

I just checked on two place-related things I used to complain about and wanted to say thanks for fixing them. First was the duplicated continent-sized places in different languages (ie. North America and Norte America). Second is that the sorting has been fixed so now when you search for a place like Nevada, the state (or country or continent) is at the top of the list instead of buried in a long list of smaller places.


Is there a naming convention? That will improve searching for it (Country-Province-Name-Type). I think other websites are much more strict in adding and naming areas (,64215.0.html)

I would suggest being very careful with trusting GADM. I have yet to find a place with accurate boundaries on GADM for my country (South Korea). This issue has been a problem since I joined iNaturalist and as I’ve brought up in the past is a frequent frustration.


Some of the existing polygons of open spaces and parks have very crude boundaries, causing issues such as losing observations on BioBlitz events. From time to time I had to fix them a little bit, for example, including the trail inside the polygon (as suggested by iNat).
It sounds like that would be very difficult to do from now on. Would the process be to download the polygon (if possible), fix it on Google Earth, and then replace the existing KML file?


Yeah, or use QGIS or some other program to edit it.


Thanks! I hope I fixed all the problems, then :)

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