South Korea - iNaturalist World Tour

We’re featuring on South Korea on the World Tour today.

Here’s the GADM Level 1 and Level 2 places we’re using. There has been a past conversation about these places here kicked off by whaichi. Is there anything other than whats mentioned there that is an issue? @amarzee mentioned that GADM assigns Baekryeong island to North Korea.

The site is only about 50% translated into Korean on both the Web and Mobile. Would improving that help?

What can we do to get more people from South Korea participating in iNaturalist?

Looks like the link here leads to India, which was featured yesterday. South Korea was posted here: :)

I mentioned on the World Tour post that South Korea also has a local naturalist site - 네이처링/Naturing - that seems fairly popular. (It sees a lot of fish observations in particular.) Another one I forgot to mention is an app called 모야모/Moyamo that focuses exclusively on plants.

The possibility of outreach programs at universities and mentions at conferences might spur further iNat growth within the country. In my experience it’s not uncommon for people to favor localized sites over global ones (Naver over Google, Kakao over WhatsApp, GMarket over Amazon …) so that’s something that may result in slower growth.

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Thank you for raising the point of Baekryeong island, it would be nice if it gets fixed!

네이처링/Naturing is interesting, but does not let users download data, and therefore cannot be used for research (without personally knowing the founder). Most of the fish uploads are from Mr. Sung Musung, and I’ve tried to convert him to iNat, but it is difficult to change platform after having most of the collection somewhere.

I’m presenting something including iNat at the meeting of the Korean soecity of ecology in August, I hope it will contribute to a broader interest!


Last I checked, the city borders for where I live (Cheongju) were also incorrect, but it seems this is common with a lot of locations after briefly reading @whaichi’s thread linked above.

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