New world wild cat reintroduction

Perhaps, if you wanted to introduce an invasive predator that did not historically occur there. Why not just stick with Cougars?

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Pleistocene jaguar. (Panthera onca augusta)
The ancestral jaguar in North America is referred to as Panthera onca augusta .[5] During the Pleistocene epoch, jaguars were much more wide-spread through out North America with their ranges extending to places like Nebraska, Washington, and Maryland due to various fossil specimens being unearthed over the course of many decades with the highest concentrations of fossil jaguars being unearthed in Florida and eastern Tennessee. It should also be noted that the jaguar was much more common in Florida than its other felid relatives.[10] Sourced by the Florida Museum.

Yeah, back in the Pleistocene, when the ecosystems of North America were completely different then they are now. Jaguars in the modern American southeast is nothing but a bad idea, the ecosystems have evolved for so long without them they really aren’t a native species anymore. Exact same situation with horses.

Cougars are not migrating back to the east. There are occasional wanderers, yes, but they’re all male. A new population is not happening without reintroduction.

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