No observations showing up in collections project

I have started a collections project for my students and me, but none of our observations are showing up in our project. I don’t think my filters should be restricting anything. I’m sure there is something obvious I am missing, but I cannot figure it out. Thanks for any help.

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can you provide a few links of observations that you expect should be in there, but aren’t


looks to be multiple different reasons here. For,,, they are outside of your defined dates/times. Note that you set your start time to Sep 25, 2023 · 6:12 AM AEST (that’s what it shows as for me at least). And then looking at those 3 observations, the observation times are all 2:01 AM or earlier, ie excluded.

For, it has a huge accuracy circle, the edges of which break the boundaries of your defined place

Thank you! The problem was the date - it was set to a different time zone and I hadn’t caught that! I really appreciate it.


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