Non-eukaryotic life don't show up well in Dynamic Life Lists

Platform: Website

Description of need: iNaturalist appears to lack any domains other than Eukarya in the dynamic life list for observations. This fails to incorporate organisms such as bacteria and archaea, of which may have interesting taxonomy to explore using this feature.

Feature request details: Add a higher taxonomic branch in the dynamic life list to incorporate domains, allowing for bacteria and other non-eukaryotic life to have easily viewable taxonomy as presented with Eukarya.

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This was a feature request but I think it’s actually a bug, so I recategorized it. @somethingfishy let me know if what I go over below is not what you’re referring to.

What I’m seeing is that if I choose certain taxa, like Kingdom Viruses (and I have at least one virus observation) nothing happens:

I just see all my observations and species. Same for Kingdom Bacteria.

I have this problem too, though for some reason it’s relatively new. I used to see Bacteria and even Viruses (which is a bit questionable, IMO, but I guess it has more to do with practical reasons than with taxonomic ones that they are placed there) under “life” in the dynamic life list, but last time I checked they weren’t there anymore.


Made a github issue here:

I’m relatively new to iNaturalist so wasn’t really sure if it was a bug or just a missing feature but thanks for the help. I recently added a Trichodesmium observation that just doesn’t show up at all in the dynamic life list page. Also realised in the tree view that domains seem to be entirely absent, and the kingdom for bacteria wasn’t present at least in my experience, as per the image.

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Can’t this be solved by making unknown an iconic taxon like any other, with the ID of 48460? It would be similar to Other animals then.

This should be fixed now.

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