Non-iconic taxa appear under unidentified/unknown observations


Not sure whether this is a bug report or a feature request as it has been the situation since the ‘unknown’ iconic taxa was introduced. I’m sure it has been discussed before, but it is still annoying :-)

When filtering observations for the iconic taxa ‘Unknown’, observations identified with any bacterial ID show up too, this does not seem appropriate, and is a little annoying ;-)

I’m not sure whether this was deliberate because another ‘iconic’ taxa couldn’t be created or it is assumed (correctly) that there are few observations in this kingdom.




There are not a just few observations:

There are 3415 observations of 159 species of Bacteria. I guess it is so low because many people dont know that they can post diseases (or more strictly disease symptoms).

There are also some:
Viruses: - 113 observations of 9 species.

It is a bit infuriating. Almost a quarter of my “unidentified” observations are these groups.



We might be seeing a lower number of observations with an NZ filter applied by default