Oak tree being attacked by borer I think - how to treat

Hi, I have an Oak tree that was was knocked by a digger and damaged some of the bark near the base. Months later I noticed a lot of fine dust and cleaning it just now I found lots of small holes. I assume some sort of borer has attacked the tree.
How do I treat this to stop the damage to the tree.
I’ve post some photos as an observation in iNaturalist.

What species of oak? Where? If you’re in the USA, your local extension agent or an arborist can help.

Not sure what Oak it is sorry.
Also, I’m located in Auckland, New Zealand.

I took a quick peek at your observation and the damage looks quite extensive. With the bark gone at the base, exposed cambium and no attempt at healing the wound, the tree is now susceptible to rot. I see several epicormic sprouts too. I’m unfamiliar with whatever specific kinds of beetle/boring insects are found in New Zealand, but I’ll echo the sentiment that it’s best to get an arborist to assess the situation.



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